Kashi urinalysis services are precise and reliable, delivering fast turnaround times, high business ethics, and responsive customer service.

Urine analysis drug testing supports patients and healthcare providers on multiple fronts.

From evaluating and treating first-time patients to monitoring an ongoing treatment plan, toxicology urine drug testing can assist in evaluating medication adherence, and identifying undisclosed substances that may interfere with a treatment plan or affect patient safety. As a result, clinicians are better armed to advocate for their patients, and to detect potential drug abuse and/or diversion. Kashi is respected in the industry as a reliable, fast and accurate toxicology and pain reference laboratory.

Clinical drug testing is an important tool in patient care. Kashi Labs offers accurate, reliable and confidential drug testing for various clinical situations, including pain management with opioid medications, office-based opioid treatment, primary care, psychiatry, and situations in which healthcare providers need to determine alcohol or other substance use in patients. We also provide drug testing to monitor patients’ prescribed medications with addictive potential.

We collaborate with our clinicians to serve each patient with the utmost precision and level of care.

We accomplish this by providing consistent and accurate test results using the state of the art technology and automation. Using a robust computer software that tracks a patient’s history, we deliver reliable test results to practitioners enabling them to make sound clinical decisions on a patient’s substance use that affects other medical conditions.

HIPAA compliant ordering portal with safe access to results and statistical analysis

Confirmation testing on all positive samples (or by request) utilizing Liquid Chromatography with Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)

Customized Drug Panels available to best suite your facility needs

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Urine Drug Screening

A fast, easy, and cost-effective method to determine the use of a wide range of substances.

Confirmatory Tests

A direct analysis to determine the type and quantity of the drug or drug metabolite present in a urine sample.

Our advanced technology delivers fast and accurate results. Every urine sample that comes into our laboratory is screened using the specimen validity test (SVT) method. Urine samples are highly susceptible to tampering. When submitting samples, a participant may dilute or adulterate the specimen. Kashi Clinical Laboratories runs Specimen Validity Tests for creatinine, specific gravity, oxidizing agents (e.g. nitrites) and pH.

SVT is used to detect substitution, adulteration, or dilution of the specimen. Additionally, for patients who submit samples regularly, we are able to create a map of the expected “normal” results specific to the patient. Our technology allows us to detect if a patient deviates from their “normal” suggesting the specimen was tampered with. For patients with a history of relapse, urine specimens can be routinely tracked, working towards a more successful treatment and recovery. SVT is key to ensure optimal drug monitoring, accurate tracking of participant progress, and providing a powerful tool to assist in confronting patients who are in denial. 

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Kashi Clinical Laboratories performs TeleHealth testing, which adds a cheek swab to the urine-collection process so that the DNA of the person being tested can be matched to the DNA in the urine they provide.

Unfortunately, there are many tools to aid drug-test cheaters, with products such as substitute urine and synthetic urine easily available on the internet. In a lot of cases, a person is able to submit a urine sample that belongs to someone else, allowing them to continue using illicit drugs with a clean test record.

DNA testing allows for confidence that a specimen belongs to the person whose name is on it. With the growing opioid pandemic in the United States, there has never been a more crucial time to use all the resources available to us in aiding patients suffering from addiction. Our test allows physicians to recognize drug abuse and relapse sooner than any other test available. Telehealth allows physicians to properly diagnose their patients and assist them in their recovery with certainty.

Please contact Kashi Laboratories for more information about TeleHealth testing.

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Kashi Laboratories works directly with providers to make ordering tests as easy as possible.

To request environmental testing at Kashi Labs, please visit the Order Now page and contact us to get started.

Kashi Laboratories works directly with providers to make ordering tests as easy as possible.

To request toxicology testing at Kashi Labs, please visit the Order Now page and contact us to get started.

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Kashi Laboratories works directly with providers to make ordering tests as easy as possible.

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