Nutritional Health

The Kashi Health Nutritional Deficiencies Panel provides insight into how each patient metabolizes key vitamins and nutrients. Dietary vitamins and minerals are critical for nourishment and healing.  Deficiencies in essential nutrients can contribute to many health ailments such as vision loss, osteoporosis, anemia, depression and more. Studies indicate that genetics play a large role in nutritional deficiencies. The information provided in the Nutritional report allows for patients and providers to make informed dietary and supplement choices.

Genetic Markers Included in the Nutritional Health Panel

Vitamin AImpacts vision, immune function, and reproductive health
Vitamin B12Deficiencies of this vitamin may lead to fatigue, weakness, megaloblastic anemia, and depression
Vitamin DCritical to sustaining healthy bones, prevention of depression, and support of the immune system
FolateRequired for proper cellular function and the prevention of neural tube defects in utero
IronMaintaining adequate bodily levels of this important mineral prevents iron deficiency anemia

Ideal Candidates are Patients with the Following Symptoms or Conditions

  • Anemia as evidenced by mucosal or nail bed pallor
  • Abnormalities in CBC labs (High or low MCV, low MCH, low HgB, hypersegmented neutrophils)
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Frequent illness
  • Night blindness
  • Rickets or osteomalacia
  • Atrophic glossitis
  • Poor response to nutritional therapies
  • Poor growth in children

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