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Kashi Clinical Laboratories provides a wide range of DNA testing services including SNP genetic testing panels for Integrative Medicine practitioners, and pre- and post-transplant/transfusion-related services for the oncology and HLA communities. Toxicology testing, drug sensitivity, disease association, and private bone marrow testing are also offered. Kashi Labs has also developed a wide range of genomic services to further support the advancement of medical oncology.

As a clinical laboratory accredited by CAP, CLIA, and ASHI, Kashi Labs delivers a distinctive customer focused approach in delivering and developing laboratory DNA testing services to meet organization and project requirements, all bordered by a uniquely tailored customer service experience. Using cutting edge technology and the latest research, we promote well-being and quality of life by delivering the highest standard of laboratory DNA testing because we recognize our service as more than just a test result. In this new era of Personalized Medicine – Kashi is an industry leader.

Healthcare Provider

Kashi Clinical Laboratories works in partnership with Providers to deliver a range of clinically relevant genetic testing services of direct use in clinical practice. Knowledge is power, and the more information available on each patient, the more targeted your treatment choices will be. Medical genetic testing is a new tool for clinical practice and you can rely on Kashi for fast, accurate testing. Free, individualized clinical consultations from trained staff clinicians with a deep knowledge of the relevant area of genetics are available on all testing services.

Patient Information

You know you are an individual, a unique being with a genetic blue print all of your own. The new field of genetic testing helps your provider treat you like the individual you are. While we work directly with providers, the resources on our site will help you learn more about genetics and our testing services. As a clinical laboratory we focus on testing genes that make a difference clinically. We invite you to explore, to learn, and to find out how genetic testing can help you on your path to health and wellness throughout your whole life.

BoneMarrow Test.com

Private HLA Testing For Donors:
Kashi has a long history of providing compatibility testing for bone marrow and stem cell transplants in the United States and internationally. A long time leader in the field, BoneMarrowTest.com provides private bone marrow screening services, as well as relevant information about the role of donation in treating a range of diseases. Learn how you can make a difference for a loved family member, or contribute to the donor registry, order your private test kit here.

Testimonial – Wendi Combes, Pediatric RN

I have been using Kashi Labs for three years now to run MTHFR/COMT testing for children In my practice. Often these families are coming to me as a last resort – they know something is going on with their child, but often it has been attributed to behavior management issues or psych issues. More often than not finding out a child has MTHFR SNP and helping them change their diet and find the right supplements, there comes a dramatic change. I think parents are often relieved to find something that contributes to their child’s health and knowing there are steps they can take to help their child. Kashi has been a huge help to me in pinpointing underlying problems for children, and many parents and families are very grateful!!!

Wendi Combes, Pediatric RN

Testimonial – Laura Hanson, D.C., D.I.C.C.P., N.P.T.,

“I can’t get targeted information on a patient’s MTFHR any other way than a genetic test,” says Dr. Hanson. “Kashi’s reports are so personal, and their scientists have helped me better understand the complexities of genetics testing so I can improve my patients’ health,” says Dr. Hanson. “Why would I spend time and money for a test that only gives me one piece of information? Looking at a panel like this that appreciates how the whole body works together is very exciting. I like it when health information is made easy.”

Laura Hanson, D.C., D.I.C.C.P., N.P.T.