Health ImageKashi Health offers a number of genetic panels that are quickly gaining ground. Medical practitioners increasingly seek to understand how their patients are “programmed” prior to beginning a specific treatment protocol.  Using symptom analysis, family history, and other testing, practitioners are now able to evaluate the interplay between genetic predisposition and real time expression. This form of genetic testing is a clever, practical, and efficient utilization of the new field of medical genomics.

Kashi has developed a series of panels that have significance to some of the most pressing health issues of the day including: obesity and weight management, cardiac health, mental and behavioral health, nutritional status, pain medication management.  All genes selected by the lab meet strict acceptance criteria based on extensive literature search and Genome Wide Association Studies.

Kashi offers the following panels

  • Behavioral Health
  • Bone Health
  • Cardiac Health
  • Nutritional Health
  • Weight Management
  • Pain Management
  • APOE standalone