A Growing number of healthcare organizations are expanding their use of genetic testing.  When selecting a clinical genetics testing laboratory the savvy practitioner will look to answer the following evaluative questions:

  1. Is the laboratory CLIA and ASHI certified?
  2. Doe the laboratory follow HIPAA requirements regarding data use and sample disposal?
  3. Does the laboratory select specific SNP’s based on extensive literature search and Genome Wide Association Studies to identify SNP’s with clinical relevancy?
  4. How accurate are the results?
  5. What is the laboratory director/founders experience in clinical laboratory and with the field of genetics?
  6. What is the depth of support for clinical questions?
  7. What is the laboratory’s approach to customer service?
  8. What is the turnaround time on genetic health panels?
  9. What is the company’s reputation?
  10. Is the report design easy for practitioners to understand and use with patients?

At Kashi we set and reach high standards of testing reliability and service quality.  Kashi is known for the following:

  • Fully accredited clinical laboratory
  • Evidence based SNP choice in panel menu
  • High degree of accuracy and result reproduciblity
  • Well educated, well trained and highly intelligent scientific team
  • Clinical consultations available on all test results
  • Commitment to customer service and business partnership with customers
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Reputation for clinical excellent, high quality service, trustworthiness and integrity
  • Easy to understand reports for provider and patient education
  • A growing range of provider education and marketing tools to help you grow your knowledge and your practice