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Provider Webinars

  • A Practitioner guide to Pharmacogenetic Testing

    An Overview of the field of Pharmacogenetics and the role testing can play in selecting medications and dosages most likely to result in success and reduced adverse drug reactions.

  • Cardiac Health and Genetic Testing

    Learn the key genes known to have an impact on Cardiac Health and how to test for them.

  • Celiac Disease

    Additional presentation explaining more of the science of celiac disease.

  • Genetic Testing for Weight Management

    Understand how some well research gene testing can be used to inform food and exercise choices for effective weight loss.

  • Kashi Celiac Disease Webinar

    Learn about the relationship between genetics and celiac disease, including risk factors and risk assessment.

  • Medical Genetic Testing in Clinical Practice

    An overview of important clinical genetic tests for Cardiac Health, Methylation review, Behavioral Health, Weight Management, and how to work with Kashi Clinical Laboratories.