Kashi Labs’ Core Training Workshop in Medical Genetic Testing

The July 2018 Workshop was a Huge Success.  The average score on the feedback forms for all presentations was 5 out of 5  and we are happy to brag about that. If you missed the workshop, fear not, the next best thing is to order the DVD of the entire day.  Available in early August 2018, priced at a very affordable $100, let us know you would like to purchase a copy using the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

The Workshop Content explores one of the most powerful devices in your clinical toolbox: medical genetics.  Genetic testing has long been used to help treat rare diseases. Now, with growing research into single nucleotide polymorphisms, genetic testing can unearth many of the intricacies masking the root cause of chronic health conditions. Personalized genetic testing allows for targeted prevention and treatment of patient’s high-risk outcomes, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, as well as, identifying the subtle pathways that require support in order to balance mood, hormones and weight and more.

“The Kashi Medical Genetics in Clinical Practice DVD” focuses on practical answers to many of your common questions:

  • Which single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) are important and supported by solid research?
  • What impact does the knowledge have on treatment decision making?
  • What is the difference between types of testing and testing methodology?
  • Is testing accurate?
  • How does genetic testing fit with current functional testing options?
  • How is testing applicable to conditions such as metabolic syndrome, insomnia, depression, chronic inflammation?
  • What is the methylation cycle, and why is it important clinically?

A recent study in the journal “Genetics in Medicine”, showed that up to 40% of direct to consumer (DTC) genetic test interpretation software provide incorrect readings in the raw data.  Unlike clinical genetic tests carried out in a laboratory, DTC tests are not diagnostic and specifically contain disclaimers that testing and interpretation is not validated for accuracy nor intended for medical use.  Practitioners are faced with the challenge of what to do with data their patient’s provide from DTC testing knowing that it does not carry the same degree of accuracy, scientific rigor and reliability as lab-based diagnostic testing.  The workshop will include a discussion of this challenging topic.

If you are curious about the underlying biochemistry driving patient’s symptoms and behavior, there is a new tool available from Kashi Clinical Laboratories – the Defy Your DNA Program. Defy Your DNA is a comprehensive list of snps known to have an impact on health and wellness.  Genetics in Clinical Practice Workshop will include information on how to utilize the report we send you, supporting your growing understanding of the power of epigenetics in creating targeted treatment programs geared to specific genetic issues. Learn more about the Defy Your DNA Program here.


Dr. Zahra Kashi
Dr. Corie Edwards
Dr. Angela Knapp
Venue:Hyatt Place Portland Airport
Time:8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fee:$150, (includes $75 testing credit)