Kashi  regularly supports a range of major medical conferences and educational events in all divisions of the company.  Reach out to us to learn more about our events, and set appointments for an in depth conversation.



Kashi Health

  • Advanced Applications in Medical Practice (AAMP)
    Portland, OR
    Advanced approaches to complex infections disease; assessment, treatment and strategies for tough cases. Regardless of cause patients with Lyme, EBV, “Infectious Disease Complex” or any other can be the most challenging to diagnose, treat and manage. These patients can have cases that take years to resolve and sometimes are treated for many other things before an appropriate diagnosis is made.
  • IVC Symposium 2018
    Wichita, KS
    Getting to the Roots of Mitochondrial Dysfunction. An exploration of the latest research in cellular respiration, pervasive polypharmacy, environmental toxicity, food quality, and more.

  • World Congress of Compounding
    Las Vegas, NV
    Dr. Zahra Kashi will be speaking on a topic at the core of many practitioners work, "Precision medicine through clinical pharmaceutics". From October 27th to October 28th, the International Compounding Pharmacy Community will gather for the industry’s first event to network and exchange ideas about the latest trends and technologies in personalized medicine. Taking place in fabulous Las Vegas, the World Congress of Compounding 2018 (WCC) offers a unique opportunity for pharmacists, pharmacy owners, physicians, naturopaths, veterinarians, and other healthcare professionals to share innovative ideas and solutions to improve patient care.