Clinical Trial Services

Assay Development

Whether you are developing your own assay, or want us to develop an assay for a targeted set of genes, Kashi Clinical Laboratories can help. Kashi scientists adhere to stringent protocols to create, validate and implement every test, using a wide variety of platforms and chemistries that help you meet your research needs.

Customized Reporting

At Kashi Clinical Laboratories, we know that no two clinical trials are alike. Working with you one-on-one, Kashi scientists can help you pick the best methods of testing and reporting to meet the needs of your sponsor, trial investigators, and regulators. Our custom test report designs can help ensure that you not only meet the needs of your patients, but maximize communication of your results. We deliver your submissions on target and on time.

Investigator and Trial Site Support

Kashi Clinical Laboratories provides a number of services to investigator sites including provision of custom kits, one-on-one counseling and training services, and protocol-specific services. In addition, our scientists are readily available to answer questions that arise during your clinical trial – from sample submission to data reporting and interpretation guidelines.